About Merwin

Mix Pharmacy is a locally owned and operated compounding pharmacy that works with prescribers and patients to customize prescription medications. The pharmacy has operated from the same location in Oakdale, Minnesota since 2009. We serve patients throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, offering both in-store pickup and delivery.

About Merwin

Formerly known and Merwin Rx-Compounding and Moudry’s Rx-Compounding. Merwin and Moudry are both trusted names in the local pharmacy market and represent our history of a family owned business beginning in 1903 (Merwin) and 1929 (Moudry).

In 2018, the name was changed to Mix Pharmacy as part of the ownership transfer to Alanna and Jason Humphrey. Alanna Humphrey, PharmD, who has dedicated her career to providing exceptional patient care through customized medicine, joined this pharmacy in 2011.

Despite the name change, our staff, location, phone number and commitment to serving you will not change. Our Mission is to produce high quality compounded medications, provide excellent service to our customers, and positively impact the lives of those we serve.

Contact us today to learn how customized medicines can help you on your path to optimal health.